Swimming Pool is a work in progress and interdisciplinary piece working in the multi-identity spaces, looking for new means into the concepts of the fluid identity and gender fluid. Based in the discipline of performance, but using different resources from installation, video and fashion, the piece creates a narrative line with multiple lectures. With a strong aesthetic, the performer intends to explore the different possibilities of the narrative body, deconstructing and providing it with new presentations and representations. With clear concepts, but also with an arduous experimental physical work, the performance opens the door to the most delicate interior of the performer's body, but also to the most acidic, showing the process, the ways the performer takes to explore their own representation, creating thereby new visual languages coming from the experience.

Using the concept of 'white-mind space', Báguena creates a predefined space which they uses to recreate narrative lines between the body and the elements. In that way, Swimming Pool portrays the relation between the identity body and its surroundings, with the aim of offering the viewer an awareness. Swimming Pool project aims to be changed any time is performed, and also wants to break the lines between the different networks, realities, as a way to expose the bodily existence in all the ways possible.

Swimming Pool

Multidisciplinar Work in progress


Video: Nika López. Edited by Abel Báguena 

ACCIÓN!MAD 16. Madrid, Spain. 2016

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