Duration: 20 ''


Video courtesy of the festival. Edited by Abel Báguena

Festival Cabanyal Íntim. TEM. Valencia, Spain

Object Disguise Illusion Body Stigma Cleaning Gum Dirty Acrylic Ridiculous Hair Question Wax Impartial Plate Cold Dust Hair roller Flabby  Judy Garland, Penis Woman Hidden Mamá


Like a kid trying to find their favorite costume. WAXED is a situation. WAXED is an erroneous solution. Like a kid trying to draw well. WAXED is a question.

<< Mom, do you think I'm already a woman? >>

A child who thinks she can be a girl, or a child who has believed that to be, must be a girl. XY is a fact. XY wants to be more than that. XY is disguised as XX, as if it could. She just thinks she knows girls have less body hair. Like when yellow wants to be blue, and eats blue but now it's green. Maybe so, XY will clear up your confusion, and find their proper disguise. 

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