Duration: 15 ''


Images: Theo van Loon

Video: Josey Heyes

Highs&Lows. 4Bid Gallery. Amsterdam (Holland)





SHOES is a piece of installation - performance in which body and object interact eachother to create narratives. Composed by twenty-three equal pairs of shoes, placed in the space by an adhesive black tape, the piece appears to the spectator as a plural and closed concept, as a symbolic object that places the narrative in a predetermined space. The performer works as a midst to transform the installation. This way so, the installation is a formal but organic element, in which the performance produces a new organization in the space, and where the interaction between the object and the subject create plastic narratives, both in a conceptual and sensory aspect, blurring the limits of the space, the perception and the symbol, at the same time.

SHOES filmed by Josey Heyes. 4Bid Gallery. Amsterdam. 2016

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