Original Duration: Undefined

Performer: Abel Báguena

Performer II and Second Camera: Josey Heyes

Devised, directed and produced by Abel Báguena

Commin from WAXED's performative line, and pooling into theconcept of identitary plasticity, WAX(-ing)ED show us the performativity occuring inside the own body's preparation process. Transforming their own identitary appareance by an arduous physical and performative process. Báguena pursues the idea of a neutral and non gendered body

In the film the expectator can watch Báguena waxing their legs, while her performance parthner, Josey Heyes, is recording with an analogic camera. With those double views, the spectator can percieve the event from a formal view, but also from an organic and more intimate one, noticing the hard juxtaposition between Baguena's immutable presence and the tart fact of been waxed.

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